Alcohol Free Drinks, Yes Or No?

Alcohol Free Drinks, Yes Or No?

At the start of my sober journey, my go-to drink was Becks Blue, I had to have a good stock in the fridge for the weekend ahead knowing it would stop any cravings or I would feel anxious and stressed if I didn’t have any in. The strange thing is I didn’t really drink a lot of lager when I was drinking alcohol, it was mainly wine or gin & tonic.

When I read Jason Vales book – Kick The Drink, he advises not to drink alcohol free drinks as they may trigger you to want the real thing. It’s probably the only piece of his advice that I don’t agree with, because for me the Becks Blue definitely helped, but I suppose different things work for different people.

As the months have passed, I haven’t needed the Becks Blue as much and I’m quite happy with a Diet Coke of sparkling water, but it always has to be in a wine glass though! I think a wine glass gives me the feeling of it being the weekend or a special occasion.

Last week I read a brilliant article in my husbands Mens Health Magazine, titled How To Party Like You Were Born In 1999. It’s basically saying how the younger generation drink a lot less now and that a quarter of adults under 25 are now tee total. Which is fab news! It goes on to say how young people are visiting dry bars where no alcohol is served and they are spending sober nights at dance exercise nights such as Ministry Does Fitness. It’s focusing on a healthy lifestyle and alternatives to getting leathered in your local pub, which is all really positive.

It also focuses on alcohol free drinks, and it’s this article that led me to They have 100’s of non-alcoholic beverages on their site and I purchased a few for this Bank Holiday Weekend. We have two parties to go to and it’s just nice to take something along that looks more sophisticated than a bottle of Diet Coke.

I know in a lot of shops you struggle to find an alcohol free section, it’s normally a few bottles crammed on the bottom shelf! (Although I’ve found Booths have started stocking more). So it’s nice to have a wide selection so you can choose something for a special occasion, or just to treat yourself.

The article also stated that – just four cups of coffee a day can offset liver damage from alcohol by 80%, by reducing the build up of scar tissue. Now this is good news for me because I would say coffee is definitely my new drink of choice that I will not be giving up anytime soon!

So basically I would say if alcohol free drinks work for you and stops you picking up the booze then stick with it, and maybe look out for other alcohol free drinks to keep you on track. The link for is below.

I hope you all have some sunshine wherever you are, because it’s lovely here and that doesn’t happen very often!

If you have any tips or advice on alcohol free drinks or what’s helped you then please comment below!

Angie xx

Sober Celebrities ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sober Celebrities ⭐️⭐️⭐️

When people think of a sober person, I’m sure uncool, boring and grey are possible words that would spring into some people’s minds! I’ve got to be honest, for a long time that’s probably what I would have thought of a non-drinker. I mean how on earth could someone be fun on a night out without having a drink?!?!

Obviously now I feel very differently and know for a fact that being sober does not make me boring, I’m nearly 100% sure that my friends and family would back me on that! I’m still up for nights out even more than before and I’ve also got this new found confidence to try things for the first time, push myself out of my comfort zone, grab life with two hands. Thats surely less boring than going home early because I’m too drunk after spilling my wine everywhere and falling over and repeating the same stories again and again!

Now as for sober not being cool, I cant really comment on my level of cool, because that would make me so not cool!!!! But you only have to look at the long list of sober celebs to see that sober doesn’t have to mean uncool or boring.

The latest list I saw was in Harper’s Bazaar and it included over 50 famous faces, detailing why they didn’t drink and what there thoughts on alcohol were. I admit some of them I had never heard of but certain celebs definitely stood out ……..

  • Bradley Cooper
  • Eminem
  • Calvin Harris
  • Lana Del Ray
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Tyra Banks
  • Rob Lowe
  • Eva Mendez
  • J Lo
  • Colin Farrell

Some have never enjoyed drinking and have hardly touched the booze, whilst others have enjoyed it too much and have had to stop. A lot state they have gone sober because alcohol started to make them feel bad both mentally and physically, and I can definitely relate to that!

So being sober doesn’t have to be boring or dull, and if anyone disagrees with you or questions that then just point them in the direction of Samuel L Jackson, Calvin Harris or 50 Cent!

Hope you enjoy reading the list!

Angie xx

The full list can be seen here from Harper’s Bazaar:-


Exercise – A Healthy Addiction!

Exercise – A Healthy Addiction!

IMG_3368 (1)

One of the reasons I started this blog was to document how my life has changed by stopping drinking and exercising more – hence the name!! But more importantly I hoped it would help anyone looking at making the same changes in their lives. Since I started blogging I have had a number of emails asking about my exercise programme, or how to get started. (All I can provide is advice based on my experience as I’m not qualified in this area! But hopefully it will help!)

I am certainly not someone who has always exercised, apart from playing netball at school, and having a 6 month period at a gym in my early twenties!  Exercise hasn’t been a big part of my life until recently! I was in my worst physical shape after having my two girls because being a mum was my priority (same as a lot of other mums out there), and it wasn’t until my youngest started preschool that I attempted to get myself back into shape.

To start off with I  began running, well jogging, well hyperventilating……. that just put me off and made me realise how out of shape I actually was, but it gradually got easier. Then a mum from school recommended the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd, which started me off  using small hand weights. I was still drinking and my diet was all over the place but I gradually saw the weight coming off slowly. The problem was I would workout in the week, not drink most nights and not eat a lot most days, then by the time the weekend came around I would feel like I ‘deserved’ to drink and eat whatever I wanted, and not exercise – the weekend was my time off. Now this is fine and I totally agree with giving yourself a break and not being too strict with your diet but the problem was I would just feel so rubbish by Monday that it would take me until mid-week to get exercising and eating healthy again. I can see now that it was a crazy, vicious circle, but of course I couldn’t see that then!

So for me it was only when I stopped drinking that I saw a huge change in my energy levels and motivation to exercise.

About two years ago my friends boyfriend started his own personal training business and he introduced me to weight training.  I loved it from the start, lifting weights makes you focus on being strong, not skinny and that was a whole new way of thinking for me. I was still a bit hit and miss with exercising and would be committed for a few weeks then do nothing for a while. It was only when I stopped drinking that I started to exercise regularly. I started doing both weights and running and I began to see the change in my weight and body shape.  The main thing wasn’t what I was doing it was the fact that I was being consistent, there were no weeks off or hangovers that took over the beginning of the week and no weekend binges. Regular, consistent exercise and a healthy, balanced diet with weekend treats (sometimes daily treats!) is what has worked for me.

So am I addicted to exercise……? Erm I’m not sure really!! All I know is that it clears my head, lifts my mood, helps me deal with life better and I feel healthier than I have done in a long, long, long  time! Plus (and probably the most important) I eat more now than I have ever done!! Major bonus!

So if you’re trying to cut down or quit the booze, try to make regular, consistent exercise your focus. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, just a daily walk or exercise dvd, just something to change your mindset and get you on track to being healthy and feeling fab!

And to anyone following me on the 100 day challenge, comment and let me know how its going? I’m going to be honest some days it has been hard for me to fit exercise in but I feel like I can’t give up now, so it’s keeping me on track! Hope its going well for you 100 day challengers – we’ve got this!!

Angie xx

Sober Nights Out!!

Sober Nights Out!!


So yesterday I hit my 17 month milestone!

I didn’t really do anything major to celebrate but whenever I hit a monthly milestone I will make sure I make time for something nice that day! even if its just grabbing a quiet cappucino somwehere! Yesterday my youngest was at a party all day and my hubbie was building a fence in the garden (because the puppy has decided he wants to eat wood chippings which are making him very poorly – long story!). So I managed to fit in some retail therapy and lunch with my eldest daughter, which was lovely because we very rarely get one on one time together. So that was my mini celebration!

By coincidence I had also arranged a night out with a group of friends from high school. So I wasn’t celebrating 17 months sober but it was perfect that it fell on that date. Now this is one of those lovely get togethers which would never have happened when I was drinking, purely due to logistics! They live a good twenty-minute drive away in all different directions and we  would have struggled to get a taxi there and back. But now I can quite happily pick everyone up, we can have a lovely meal, drinks and a catch up then I can get everyone home safe and sound before heading back myself.

I spoke in a previous post about how much I love my sober nights out (see Will I Lose Friends?) and honestly I never thought I would say those words! But take last night for example, meeting up with friends who I would never normally arrange anything with, chatting away, reminiscing, catching up on their lives and having a really good laugh! And the best bit is you get to remember it all!

In the past the thought of going out and not drinking just wasn’t an option for me, I have said before I was all or nothing when it came to drinking.  And I also started to get paranoid about getting a taxi on my own, so more often than not I would turn down invitations for nights out. How sad is that really? Now I love my nights out, I actually really enjoy the getting ready, feeling good, taking time to laugh, listen and appreciate my friends instead of concentrating on my next drink and chatting crap most of the night. So my nights out have definitely changed, but for the better.

I have always loved going out and I’m a bit of a social butterfly, and this was a huge concern to me that if I stopped drinking that the social side of things would dry up. But they haven’t, if anything I have more dates in my diary now than I ever have, because I have more options to do things with my friends and family, lunch, meals, concerts, musicals. Trying different places you have never been before because you can drive there. I can say “yes” to so much more! So if you like your nights out but want to cut down the drinking or give up altogether then please give it a go, try a sober night out even if it fills you with dread like it did with me. I promise you its a whole new world and you will never look back!

Hope your all feeling fab and fresh this sunday morning? If not, what can you do to change so that next sunday you will be? whats your experience of sober nights out? any tips or advice for others? or please email me for any help or advice at

Ooooh and I also saw yesterday on the Sober Mummy (Clare Pooley) Facebook page that Eminem had his 10 year soberversary yesterday, so we sort of share the same date (well the 21st part of it anyway!!) how cool is that!!

Happy Sunday!

Angie xx





100 Day Challenge!

100 Day Challenge!

Happy Sunday morning!!! Hope your all having a fab weekend!

So I’ve been home from my holidays for a week, and I’m thinking I need to have something new to aim for. Like most people I was focusing on my holiday, eating well, keeping up my workouts and having the goal of feeling good in a bikini to keep me motivated! Anyway now the holiday is over and the girls are due to go back to school, I feel like I need a new challenge, a new goal to aim towards.

I’ve had a few emails from followers, asking how I stay motivated or get started on the fitness path? For me I need to have a focus, something to aim for. For example, when I first stopped drinking I logged my weight every 10 days, and wrote it down in the back of Jason Vales – Kick The Drink book that I had read at the start of my journey. I wanted to be the healthiest and fittest I could be as a result of not drinking and that was my new focus. I wasn’t obsessed with my weight but it was just good to see the weights coming off, very slowly sometimes but it was good to see it logged down. I know what works for me, and having a goal and tracking my progress to see how I am doing is personally a huge motivator.

There are all different kinds of challenges you can set yourself. You can be aiming for a month, 100 days of not drinking, then a year. It may be that you want to lose weight, drop a dress size, incorporate a new healthy food or drink for a month? Or maybe you could book a challenge such as a 5k, 10krun, a bike ride, a mud run challenge. I booked a Tough Mudder last year and although it scared me to death knowing I was actually doing one, it certainly made me train for it!!!

Once you have set your challenge whatever that maybe, it makes it a focus, a priority. We are all busy, we all spend a lot of time doing things for other people, work, kids, partners, parents, friends, and now I’ve a puppy thrown in the mix! But by setting yourself a challenge, you can prioritise it each day, to make sure you get one step nearer to your goal. You owe it to yourself, it’s important to you, make sure you make the time to do it and don’t let yourself down.

Once you’ve started to think this way, it will become a normal part of your day, and that’s when it becomes part of your lifestyle.

I’ve decided to set myself a 100 day challenge to exercise every day for at least 20 minutes to an hour. It can be anything from a full weights workout, a run, a fitness dvd to a family bike ride or power walk with the pup! But I will log it everyday on Instagram just to make sure I keep on track. If anyone wants to join me, that would be fab, even if it’s a totally different challenge! Maybe healthy eating for 100 days, then post your food pictures in the comments! Maybe you want to do a month or 50 days, whatever works for you? Let me know your goals and let’s motivate each other! We’ve got this!

Day one will start tomorrow.

And remember a one hour workout is 4% of your day!

Angie xx

Will I lose friends?

Will I lose friends?

What would my friends think? Will I still get invited out? I can’t stop drinking now because we’ve got a night out with friends this weekend? Will I lose friends?

This was a huge concern to me in the run up to me stopping drinking. I’ve always been the party girl, ( probably less now I’ve got the kids) but still the one wanting to stay out, carry on the party, making sure alcohol was involved when I was catching up with friends. So when I wanted to stop drinking I worried that I would lose some of my friends who I did all these things with. But guess what, I didn’t! And I can’t believe I would use that excuse (in my head) to not stop drinking.

I mean yes there are friends that I don’t see as much of now, because our friendship was mainly based on going out. But my close friends, my handful of “call them anytime and they are there for me no matter what” friends, they are still my very close friends, even closer! They have all supported me, yes a few were shocked initially, but they’ve all accepted and supported me along the way, which is what true friends do right! They know who they are, they are my cheerleaders and they are amazing, we still have nights out, meet up, do lunch, have takeaway nights, go camping or on holidays. We still see each other just as much as before. But for me I feel like I make the most of my friends now, I appreciate them a lot more than I used to, I feel like a better listener when I’m sober, I feel like a better friend. I’ve also realised how important it is to have friends that you can be yourself with, who you can really laugh with, that’s the buzz of a catch up now for me, not having conversations I can’t remember!

I’ve also found how not drinking creates an awkwardness with some people, and I can’t put my finger on why? Maybe it makes them look at their own drinking habits, which they don’t want to do!

But I know I’ve got good, close friends behind me, there for me like I am for them, and I will never ever take that for granted. My circle of friends maybe slightly smaller but those friendship ties are definitely a lot stronger.

And another bonus it that I love nights out more than ever! I can spend my wine money on a new outfit and taxi us all out and about, what’s not to love!

Have your friends supported you in your journey? Or have you found who your true friends are? Is there any awkwardness between you and friends? Can you offer any advice to other readers?


Angie x

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

Sorry it’s been a while since I last blogged but I’ve been on a family holiday in beautiful Crete!

This has been my second sober beach holiday as we went to Majorca last June, and I can honestly say it’s been my best beach holiday yet!

So it makes me start thinking why?

The first picture is taken about seven years ago, on holiday in Spain. I was at a point where I didn’t exercise at all, I was drinking a couple of nights a week and every weekend, on crazy diets all week and then pigging out all weekend. I can remember trying to lose weight the week before the holiday by not eating. Crazy! I can see that now!

My holiday would then consist of eating whatever I wanted, drinking whatever I wanted and spending most of it sat by the pool in shorts and a tshirt with no confidence to walk around in a bikini. The “sod it, I’m on holiday!” would start from my first wines on the plane, to using up spare change as an excuse for wines on the way back! I still have a few good memories of the holiday, the kids were young and it was our first holiday abroad as a family, but my confidence and happiness with myself was at an all time low.

Fast forward to this holiday and it’s just so different!

Firstly, the biggie, is that this time I’m sober. Its my second sober holiday, which has made that side of things easier because I know I can do it. It’s a perfect time to try different non alcoholic drinks, there’s always a wide selection of mocktails, there’s fresh juices, tonic water, soda. Where we stayed didn’t have any non alcoholic beer or wine so it made me experiment more, and my favourite was a mocktail called hibiscus lemonade- delicious! The old me would have drunk white wine, nothing else, possibly the odd lager, no new tastes there!

I have tried to eat lots of different, healthy fresh foods. I’ve enjoyed my desserts too, I’ve had lots and always put fresh fruit with them to try and balance it out, makes me feel better anyway! But I’ve not craved carbs or a fry up to cure a hangover. I’ve tried different foods and made the most of all the fresh fruit and vegetables.

The old me would never pack trainers for a holiday! I didn’t do trainers, ever! But this time my kit was packed and I’ve exercised every day in the gym, and we’ve also done family activities too, rounders, basketball, aqua boarding and even tai chi!

The main thing is that I’ve had the energy and the confidence to do all these other things. I have so many more memories to take home, for me and for the family. I have been fully present everyday for my girls, at night we’ve sat in the bar til late and chatted, played cards, I’ve not been on a different level,in my own little wine world. And most importantly I feel refreshed and recharged not feeling like I need a holiday to recover from this one!

Have you a holiday planned for the summer? Will it be your first sober holiday, or have you any advice to offer for others? What can you do to make this holiday different to others, make it healthier, try new things?

Make your next holiday one to remember for all the right reasons!

Angie x